Jon Betancourt

My name is Jon Betancourt. I am an amateur Astronomer, Photographer, and Car Buff. Originally from Chicago and formerly of Los Angeles, I now reside in the Hudson Valley in New York and work for Tele Vue Optics. I am married to my wonderful wife, Susan. We have our son, Ayrton and a furry son, Baby Tiger Chubby. The reasons I have this site! Thanks for stopping by.
  • who started driving this way?

  • International space Station shot with a Canon 20D and a Canon 18-55

  • Sun shot through Lunt Solar Systems LS100B1800 with a 2X Barlow and Canon 20D mount on a Celestron AS-GT from Tarzana, CA

  • Transit of Venus 2004 shot with a Fuji FinePix 3800 held to a 20mm eyepiece in my Celestron C150HD (6" Reflector f/5) at 37.5X magnification and an Orion Solar Filter. At the Adler Planetarium in Chicago on June 8, 2004.

  • Morning Dew